Sitelines, a full service construction firm, offers Pre-Construction Consulting, Program Management, Project Management, Construction Management, Design-Build, General Contracting and Building Maintenance.

Sitelines has operated in several market segments since its founding in 2000, which include commercial, industrial, institutional, historic renovations, educational and tenant finish.

Sitelines' motto is "We are what we repeatedly do — Excellence then, is not an act but a habit" (Aristotle).

Sitelines is a professional Construction Management and General Contracting firm serving the needs of private and public sector clients throughout the metro Saint Louis area. The cornerstone of Sitelines business is its ability to build a project on paper in the planning stages. Sitelines brings together a unique combination of talents and backgrounds and can positively support the efforts of other construction professionals such as Architects, Engineers, and other Consultants to provide a total team approach. This type of approach provides clients a high degree of efficiency, support and quality when taking a project from conception through completion. We are also able to give our clients a total sense of security so they do not have to live with the project on a day-to-day basis. Clients can continue operating their business, doing what they know best, with the confidence that their project is being constructed and managed by professionals.

Sitelines is continuing to be built upon the strong background and expertise of its president. His talents are firmly entrenched in the areas of architecture, design, and construction. Sitelines is currently building a strong reputation in the industry through a commitment to every client and a proven track record of successfully completed projects of all types.

Sitelines has clearly defined statements for our future, our business mission, and our guiding principles. Our statements are continually being brought to the people that work for us by management and incorporate the following quality ideals:

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Improved Safety
    • Elimination of Errors and Defects
    • Doing Things Right the First Time
    • Continuous Improvement

Sitelines’ quality program starts with its management and has their total involvement, commitment, leadership, and implementation.

Sitelines recognizes that people working together in teams toward mutual goals is generally more effective than individuals working alone. The establishment of team environment is encouraged, through partnering or otherwise, where Sitelines, subcontractors, suppliers, Owners, Architects and Engineers all work together toward the common goal of quality.

Customer satisfaction is the key goal of quality. 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal for every project. To ensure customer satisfaction, Sitelines gathers information involving the Owner, Consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, and suppliers that feeds information concerning any customer dissatisfaction, so appropriate action can be taken.

Our subcontractors and suppliers are expected to implement, as a minimum, our quality standards. These expectations are continually communicated to our service providers. If these standards cannot be met then they are no longer employed to provide their service to Sitelines. Price is not our only criteria in selection. If allowed, we pre-qualify with the owner, who meets the standards and controls required.

Sitelines is committed to safety on all of its project sites. All subcontractor supervisors are therefore required to read our safety standard handbook. We provide the safety standard handbook to familiarize all supervisors with Sitelines’ safety rules, procedures and guidelines for controlling Jobsite accidents and injuries.

Sitelines places emphasis on prevention, not correction. The goal is work that is 100% free of error, 100% free of accidents, and 100% free of waste. We want to do things right the first time, eliminating waste and rework. We use quality programs that identify potential problems, rather than relying solely on inspections. Quality comes not from inspection, but from improvement of the process.

The upper-most part of our structure is continued improvement. We stress to everyone to constantly look for ways to improve, always looking for 100% customer satisfaction and error-free performance.

Quality control measures will be incorporated throughout ALL phases of our services. The performance of the project team and implementation of the QCP will be directed by our Project Manager. Included in the QCP are the following:

    • Establish forms for meeting notes, telephone conversations reports, transmittals,
      on-site observations, memorandums and shop drawings logs.
    • Cross-coordinated checklists for each discipline: Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical,
      Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, etc.
    • Quality control final review by our Project Manager.